Customized Case Management Solutions for Diversion, Re-Entry, and Continuing Care Programs

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and emails to share and communicate your updates in real-time with clients, co-workers and stakeholders.


The modern solution to streamline your program’s workflow and track outcomes. Learn how a customized case management solution can optimize your program's outcomes!

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Cloud Based Access and Security

Access and manage your program’s data on iOS, Android devices all within HIPPA compliant environment:

  • Data encryption
  • Cryptographically-secure password storage
  • 2FA (optional)
  • CSRF token validation

Customized User-Based Roles

Allows for Real-time Case management solution between providers and participants:

  • Create, Store, Search, Print original citation
  • Include Attachments and track case progress
  • Customized, time based tasks allow for streamlines case load management
  • Reassign to different case manager.

Integrated Virtual Video Conferencing

Reduce no shows and avoid the transportation barrier... seamlessly schedule, connect, and document virtual meetings with users:

  • HIPPA compliant
  • 24/7 US based Online Support for Providers and Users
  • Provider Dashboard & Scheduler, Virtual Waiting Room, Whiteboard Branding
  • Screen Sharing, Secure Chat & File Sharing, Usage Analytics and Reporting

Payment Integration

Customize payment plans for users and give them flexibility to make online payments.

  • Collect provider fees with structured payments
  • Restful API through HTTPS and HSTS for secure connections
  • AES-256 encryption for secure digital communications
  • Generate receipts and reconcile outstanding user balances


Customizable reports based on your specific needs

  • Financial reports
  • Reports by Status
  • Provider Reports
  • Officer Reports


Welcome to the Civil Citation Network (CNN).

Dedicated to fundamentally reforming the criminal justice system, Civil Citation Network (CNN) was founded in 2013 with the purpose of paring Criminal Justice research with customized technology solutions to help local jurisdictions offer promising alternatives to arrest. Our Network leverages decades of experience in behavior health and criminal justice practices to bring innovative solutions to community diversion needs.

Our goal is to provide innovative solutions to help individuals, programs, and communities on the way to more meaningful outcomes. Directing individuals toward intervention and/or treatment of underlying problems rather than arrest, jail and a life-long criminal record can have significant impact in communities, avoids costs associated with formal arrest, booking and court processing, and reduces the burden on already overtaxed jail and court systems.

Moreover, our approach creates significant financial benefits, allows police officers significantly more time to focus on serious crimes in the community, and improves public safety.

Thank you for your interest and look forward to partnering as we explore diversion options that fit the needs of your community.


Video Demos

Full Walkthrough

This video demonstrates the full lifecycle of a record. From creation by the officer, through case management, to the creation of the final letter.

Program Administrator

Dashboard view shows all cases awaiting action which includes:

  • Notifications about Participants who are out of compliance
  • New Citations
  • Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Providers
  • Reports

Manage all Law Enforcement Agencies(LEA) and Providers. Entities have ability to manage users under their entity profile.

Site Manager

Create a Site Manager profile to manage:

  • List of approved case managers
  • Review all assigned cases
  • Assign citations to case managers
  • Financial reporting

Quickly Add, Edit or Remove Case Managers

Activate profiles with email activation link.

Manage caseloads through dashboard view as new referrals are assigned to your agency.

Case Manager

  • View a snapshot of cases withapproaching tasks deadlines fromthe dashboard.
  • Take action and manage allassigned Cases awaiting action.
  • Develop diversion plans customizedfor each participant.
  • Include default task assignmentsCustomize to meet Case Manager’sneeds.
  • Monitor tasks with a completiondate for tracking deadlines usingthe Task Tracker feature.
  • View updates of days remaininguntil deadline for each diversiontask.


The interface is simple and easy to use. Search for past citations or issue a new citation.

Search and review in real-time. Standard search criteria includes:

  • SSN
  • DOB
  • Last Name
  • First Name

Outcomes feature allows the Officer to view end results of the citations submitted.


Pre-arrest diversion is a law enforcement led initiative that has been informally operating since the early 1970’s, but very little work has been done to document the impact of these programs. Fast forward to today’s climate requiring performance measures, outcomes-based assessment, and evidence-based practices and it is easy to realize research has become more important than ever before. Here are a few reasons why research and evaluation are critical elements of successful pre-arrest diversion programs.

Demonstrate Impact

  • Provide credible evidence of short and long term effects
  • Make accurate comparisons to alternative programs
  • Document the financial benefits of the program
  • Track changes in participants’ behavior over time
  • Record the ways in which the program influences law enforcement personnel, state’s attorneys, and other stakeholders

Monitor Program Performance

  • Document progress to achieving goals
  • Make improvements
  • Ensure all eligible participants are engaged
  • Track participant retention, completion, and post-program indicators of success
  • Develop integrated approaches with behavioral health, law enforcement, and official records to assess performance

Support program expansion

  • Provide empirical support to guide implementation in additional jurisdictions
  • Illustrate key program features to support successful expansion
  • Demonstrate the necessity of research and evaluation practices at initial implementation
  • Identify and collect information required by all stakeholder groups

Research and Aggregate Data

One of our major pillars is data. We partner with researchers, organizations and government entities to provide non-descript aggregate data in an efforts to drive better outcomes.

Additional Research